engineering company aimed to develop Your project
Manufacture of safe, reliable, low-maintenance low-voltage switchgears based on our own construct Pro-Tok Power Panel
Laureate of the contest "One hundred best goods of Russia"
Installation, startup and commissioning work
Our new development Pro-Tok Control Раnel and complex solutions in the field of automation of technological processes for industrial facilities
Smart Switchgears
Low-voltage complete devices
solutions, which include project development, procurement, assembly, startup and commissioning.
In 2017, we implemented 353 modular switchboards on major industrial facilities of Russia.
low-voltage switchgears for metallurgy, mining, nuclear, chemical and ship-building industry.
Basic Structures of
Pro-Tok Smart Switchgears
Pro-Tok switchgear manufacture is based on the system of modular units. In case of development of a technological process, switchboard can be easily upgraded.
Protok Power Panel
Stand-alone switchgears with slide-in and removable units. Powerful busbars. Width and height— from 1 to 12 modules, depth — from 1 to 6 modules. The structure base —AKA stands made of 2 mm steel with Aluzinc coating. Protok Power Panel is compatible with other structures —Control and Mini Panel.
Protok Control Panel
Hang-on and stand-alone switchgears for power distribution and automatic control. Width and height— from 2 to 10 modules, depth 1 module. The design of the frame is based on self-supporting ASA shells made from 1.5 steel. Control Panel is compatible with standard parts —Power and Mini Panel.
Protok Mini Panel
Hang-on switchgears for power distribution and automatic control. Width and height dimensions – from 2 to 5 modules (1 module — 190 mm), depth – 150 mm. Self-supporting shells are rigidly interconnected using ANS angle pieces made of 2 mm steel.
Up to 6300 A
630 A 1000 А
250 A 630 А
Strength and Endurance
Structural steel frame is reinforced with aluminum alloy angular clamps, which ensure seismic resistance 9 points on the MSK-64 scale. Power terminal copper contacts are silver-coated to ensure high switching capacity.
Staff Safety
All the conductive parts are protected against accidental contact. The units have interlocks preventing sliding in/out with an automatic breaker.
Short-Circuit Protection
The switchboard has its own structural protection system. Automatic circuit breakers for the current of max 630 A can be installed.
Pro-Tok switchboard with draw-out units is more compact, than standard low-voltage complete devices. We combine power distribution and load control functions in one switchboard.
Module replacement without production shutdown
A faulty unit in Pro-Tok switchboard can be replaced for the spare one in several minutes. To decommission a unit for repair it is not necessary to disconnect control sections and circuits.

Price and Quality
Combination of imported and Russian component parts defines the switchgear optimum price/quality performance.
Full Service Cycle
Customized Project
We know that there are no two completely similar companies therefore; we develop the switchgears tailored to the customer's tasks and objectives. We can assemble the electrical cabinet in any configuration: fixed, removable and draw-out versions. We implement all the possible internal segregation of the functional devices and busbars by Types 1–4 in compliance with GOST R 51321.1-2007 (IEC 60439-1-92). We make the switchgear for both one-side and two-sided maintenance. We also can offer an electrical cabinet operating as part of the Automatic Process Control System.
Own Production
The Company has 4,000 m² of the production areas. We work on TRUMPF automatic equipment (Germany). We monitor quality on each production stage: Pro-Tok Company is certified in compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2008 and Russian standard GOST ISO 9001-2011.
Installation and Assembly
We deliver equipment to your country on time. We have all the self-regulating organization certificates for the construction and assembly works. We can undertake startup, setup and servicing of the switchgear. The competence of Pro-Tok engineering experts is confirmed by the certificates and diplomas from Rostekhnadzor.
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